Looking for greek nannies and senior aides?

Looking for greek nannies and senior aides?

It is with great pleasure we introduce you to Τrοφός Care; a new NY based agency of Greek caregivers, babysitters, nannies and senior aides. A company that like Greek LOL is committed to support the greek community and fulfill its needs.

Trofos Care founders were born and raised in Athens but only met in New York many years later. Creativity met reasoning and “Trofos” was launched. Eugenia Parissi is an entrepreneur informed by a solid legal and financial background and Maria Vlachou is a visual artist with national and international exposure.   

“We came to the US from Greece several years ago and started a family. As native Greek with no family support around us, we struggled to find and trust good child care, while working at the same time. Our goal was to preserve our language and culture and pass it on to our children. We wanted to entrust our kids to caregivers who can tell Greek fairytales, love home cooking and have the smell of Greece fresh in their nostrils. In response to this challenge, we came up with Troφόs Care” Eugenia said.   

Eugenia and Maria recently decided to extend their growing business by also focusing on the needs of Greek seniors. As they mention, “Our grandfathers and grandmothers, our aging parents need special love and attention. The Greek language becomes increasingly important as dementia and other ailments cloud their minds. We owe them so much and they deserve to age in place surrounded by Greek caregivers and their family.”

Greek Diaspora is blessed to include inventive people as the Τrοφός Care founders, who know how to go beyond the needs and expectations of the greek community! If you are based in NY, NJ, CT and Boston and you need any further information please visit  Trofos Care

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