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The Greek Online School, in collaboration with the Daughters of Penelope, London chapter 440, with the support of the Education Office of the Greek Embassy in London, and in affiliation with the University of Patras and the Open University, present ‘Little Greeks United’—a thrilling language competition tailored for children aged 8-12, residing in the UK.

This extraordinary competition, divided into qualifying stages and a grand final, intertwines learning with sheer fun. Participants will delve into Greek mythology, history, and geography, answering meticulously crafted questions by experts from the University of Patras.

The aim

To ignite curiosity and enthusiasm among young minds, fostering a deep appreciation for Greek heritage. ‘Little Greeks United’ reimagines Greek language education as a captivating adventure, making learning a gamified experience that’s both enjoyable and enriching.

The benefits

By joining, children not only expand their knowledge but also forge new friendships and rediscover the allure of the Greek language in a contemporary, enticing manner.

The prizes

Of course the best part of a competition is the winner’s prize. And ‘Little Greeks United’ will have a grand winner and two runner-ups who will also win amazing prizes. What will the winners get you say? Drum roll please! The student who will finish third will win a digital instant camera. The student on the second place will exit the competition with a mini home projector. And… The grand winner of the competition will receive the gift we all want! A Virtual Reality Headset!

What you need to know before applying

The competition is for children between 8-12 years old

All participants must be UK citizens

Students who are interested in applying are encouraged to have a relatively good level of Greek

The applications deadline is February 20th 2024

The final that will give us the three grand winners will be on Sunday March 10th at 5pm UK time

You can find out more about ‘Little Greek United’ and apply for a place in the qualifying stages here.

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