Little Greeks United 2024 || The winners

On Sunday March 10th at around 4.30 pm UK time, 15 little Greeks from the UK starting joining the final day of the Little Greeks United Competition. They were so anxious and excited about the game that they came 30 minutes earlier to make sure everything would go as planned. And everything was wonderful!

Little Greeks United

LGU is a language competition powered by The Greek Online School and supported by the Daughters of Penelope, London chapter. The competition was conceived as an idea that would attract young students of Greek and encourage them to engage with Hellenic education in a fun and educative way. All the questions were supervised by linguists from the University of Patras under the guidance of Dr George Xydopoulos.

The Game

On March 10th, the players who had qualified to the final, joined the competition ready to play and win. They had already spent about 10 days studying the suggested material that The Greek Online School had sent them so they were ready to do their best. And so they did. They competed on questions around Greek mythology, history, geography, culture, and language. They impressively answered about the Odyssey, the labors of Hercules, Kolokotronis, Greek mountains, rivers, and towns, Greek food, Greek poetry and of course etymology. They had to answer correctly and fast and they offered us a wonderful competition full of suspense and beautiful moments.

The winners

After 30 questions and a lot of suspense, Marilena was announced the big winner of the competition. Despina followed on the second place and Yiannis managed to finish third. All three winners were extremely proud of their accomplishment and frankly so were we. There was some disappointment as it is ever the case with competitions, however it is safe to say that everybody gained a lot more than just the prizes.

The prizes

Speaking of the prizes. All the participants will be invited to the Greek Embassy in London for the award ceremony. Everyone will receive participation certificates as well as participation gifts. Yiannis having won the 3rd place will leave the Embassy with an instant digital camera. Despina has won a mini home projector . And Marilena? Our winner will receive her first place prize together with a VR headset ! Cannot claim we are not a little bit jealous of that prize but we are definitely extremely proud of you Marilena!

We would like to thank the Daughters of Penelope and their President Eleni Alexandridou for their support, Dr George Xydopoulos and the University of Patras for their friendship and guidance, all the staff of The Greek Online School who worked for this competition. Most importantly we would like to thank all the players as well as their parents for the collaboration.

LGU is here to stay! Little Greeks in the UK , start getting ready for next year!

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