LGU 2024 | Greek Embassy Event

lgu_embassy event

On June 27th the amazing students who participated in the Little Greeks United competition of 2024, were honored with an event at the Greek Embassy in London by the Greek Ambassador, Mr Tsaousis.

We would like to thank the Greek Embassy for all their efforts and support with initiatives like this that mean to strengthen the bonds of students with their Greek heritage, language and community. We would also like to thank the Daughters of Penelope, London Chapter 440, for our collaboration throughout the LGU competition. Most importantly we would like to thank our little Greeks and their parents who took the time to participate, who embraced the competition with enthusiasm, and who travelled from all over the UK to attend the Embassy event.

Little Greeks United is an exciting online competition for children aged 8-12 who reside in the UK. It celebrates Greek language, culture and heritage through fun quizzes and games. Kids learn while connecting with their roots and making new friends worldwide. The competition ran for the first time in 2024 with material carefully curated by a team led by Professor George Xydopoulos from the University of Patras.

The LGU will return in 2025 and the goal is to be held with the organizational participation of all schools in the parish, in order to highlight the important work being done by each school to promote the Greek language.

You can enroll for the 2025 competition here

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