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Understanding spoken Greek and actually speaking is more challenging than written language for a lot of learners. That’s why many of our students often ask for ways to help them improve their listening and speaking skills in Greek. And the answer is always the same… You need to hear more of it. How can somebody hear more Greek if they don’t live in a Greek-speaking country, like the majority of our students? Well, the secret ingredient that is not that secret to be honest is Greek films… 

Greek movies help promote Hellenic culture and the Greek language to people everywhere. If you had never considered it, maybe you should because according to many language experts and educators, watching movies in Greek can be this great addition to your Greek lessons that you were looking for. The factor that can actually make a difference. 

Watching Greek movies can help with a learner’s motivation and enthusiasm levels at the early stages of learning Greek. Movies help create excitement about the new language which motivates learners to want to hear and read more of it. And as you all know hearing and reading more of it is what will eventually improve your oral communication, too. 

HFS USA helps keep Hellenic art and culture alive, modern and relevant

Knowing the great importance of movies in language learning as well as being certain that our students would love to be emerged in Greek cinema and culture, we decided to support the great work of HFS USA. The Hellenic Film Society is dedicated to promoting Greek cinema throughout the United States. Their mission is to share the richness of Greek films with a wider audience, to showcase Greek movies, and to preserve the film heritage of Greece. And we are extremely proud to be supporting their efforts. 

Discount code for The Greek Online School students

The HFS streams two Greek film favorites with English subtitles every month. The films can be accessed on any device, anywhere around the world, on any day of the week. The Hellenic Film Society USA is excited to help play a role in our students’ Greek language learning. That’s why they very generously provided us with a 20% discount code exclusively stored for our enrolled students. 

Greek Films in February

The two new films for the month of February are Committed & The Tree and the Swing and they will be streaming worldwide Sunday, February 7—Saturday, March 6. 

So if you are interested in emerging yourself in Greek cinema and culture a bit more, ask your Greek LOL teacher for the discount code and give your Greek language learning the boost you were looking for while bringing yourself in touch with a type of cinema that you never knew you could grow to love.  

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