Learn Greek & Have Fun in… our Summer Camp

Learn Greek & Have Fun in… our Summer Camp

Greek Summer is the best time of the year because that’s when Greek families get together! Thousands of families travel to Greece from America, Australia, Europe, Africa and Asia to spend time with their beloved ones, their grandparents, «τον παππού και τη γιαγιά» cousins, aunties and uncles.

I want to learn Greek to speak with my family in Greece

Having a Greek family is the reason most students in Greek LOL learn Greek. Asking our students about the reason they want to learn Greek, nearly all of them reply “to speak Greek with my family in Greece”. So in Greek LOL, our mission is to prepare our students for their summer family time… and not only!

…learn Greek and have fun…

This year in Greek LOL we decided to spark our little Greek learners’ motivation even more, with our 2019 Greek Summer Camp for kids aged 8-15. Our Summer Camp is a great way for children to learn Greek and have fun at the same time.

Daily Greek lessons combined with social, sporting and cultural activities!

The program aims to develop kids’ Greek language speaking skills and boost their confidence when speaking Greek with other children from Greece and kids of similar background. It includes a 2-hour Greek lesson every morning with our highly qualified Greek LOL teachers, language team projects & presentations. All kids will also take part in stimulating social, sporting and cultural activities, such as horse-riding, swimming, basketball, volleyball, soccer, table tennis, dance, theatre and many more. From day one, kids will be surrounded by the language while the necessity to use the language in order to communicate will effectively improve their skills and boost their confidence.

Accommodation for children and parents

This is a residential camp and we strongly recommend for kids to stay in the camp. We are sure they will love our sleep-away camp. However, exceptions can be made for only a few students, upon early request. Also, for parents looking for a place to stay close to the camp, a great option is the picturesque close-by seaside village of Korfos. A Tourist guide and daily excursions can also be arranged for parents staying close to the camp.

…save the date!

The Greek LOL Summer Camp 2019 is taking place from July 20th-July 31st at “The Ranch”, only one hour away from Athens, so don’t forget to save the date! “The Ranch” is the finest camp in Greece nestled on 400 acres, combining stunning natural beauty with top modern facilities in Western-themed accommodations.

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