Kalanda Greek christmas carols from all the corners of the world

Greek Christmas Carol Kalanda

The Christmas projects did not conclude for Greek LOL with the Christmas party. This year we wanted to create something special that would be there for everyone to watch for years to come. We wanted something that would show the spirit and bond of our online community and would share the energy and the will of our students, to keep the Greek language and culture alive. We wanted something that would act like a “keepsake” of their OnLine Greek school. So, we thought “what’s better than a video?”

And what’s more Christmasy for Greeks than caroling? Our students were sent a verse from the traditional Christmas Carols in Greek to sing in their own corner of the world. This specific song is hard and long. There are 16 verses to be exact. However, not only did our students participate with vigor and enthusiasm, but they also did an amazing job with the difficult Greek words. From the Philippines to St Albans in the UK, from Zambia to Patras, from Melbourne to Kalamata, from Poland to Tennessee, from New York to France, from Toronto to Thessaloniki, from Boston to California and Washinghton, from London to Pennsylvania our students embraced this project and made it truly special ….

Apart from keeping the Greek tradition of carol singing alive, the aim of this project for Greek LOL was to bring a message of unity between Greeks everywhere in the world. And of course to show that Greek people everywhere are organic parts of what makes Greece what it is. Thank you to all our wonderful students for participating and most importantly for being part of our family. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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