Is The Greek Online School good for my child?

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Parents worry about a lot of things. It is just what they do. Greek parents probably worry a bit more. When they are about to enroll their children in an online School like ours, some of them have preconceived notions about online education that worry them.

Parents have a lot of questions …

Will online education be impersonal? Will my child be in front of a screen all day long? Can they really learn Greek online?

All this is normal when it comes to something as new as the idea of an online Greek School. What we as educators do to help is that we usually show parents around our virtual classrooms and explain how our methodology works, what the School’s values are. 

What do our students’ parents think about The Greek Online School?

This time, however, we thought that it is a lot better when they hear it from other parents. Parents who have been with us for years or just a few months, parents of beginners or native learners, parents with children in group Greek classes or private ones. Parents who loved online education right from the start and others that had to be convinced. Parents who just moved far from Greece or others who are third generation Greeks in the US or Australia. Parents with children who love to learn Greek as students of The Greek Online School

This time you can learn about our students and their parents’ experience with our School and get a better understanding of how online learning works and why it is the future of language learning. 

Parent Video Testimonials

On our part we would like to thank all of these people who have become part of our online Greek community and wanted to share their experience with our Greek School with great love and enthusiasm. This series of video testimonials is basically their creation because they understood as they told us that parents might worry about something new and that hearing from other parents really helps. 

Thank you for being part of our online family! Let’s make it even better and bigger! 

Find out what parents say about their experience with The Greek Online School here

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