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name campaign

                                                           Nono Wanted 

We’re excited to announce that as of January 2021, we are rebranding with a new logo, color scheme, website and NAME. Our school is ready to embark on a new era with a fresh name that aligns with our old values and continues to honor our commitment to all of you.

                                                       Name Your School

According to Greek tradition, “Nonos” or “Nona” is the one to decide and give the name. And since our online Greek School is YOUR school, we have asked our students to help us officially baptize our school. 

A Message from our School Director, Mrs Stella Bompotsiari

Our enthusiastic students from all over the world have already got down to business. They are filming and sending us short videos of themselves saying the name they have come up with in order to become the “Nonos” or “Nona” of their school. Students can share their videos and name suggestions with us by November 15th. 

We cannot wait to share their wonderful ideas with all of you. Your participation and involvement in this process mean the world to us and as a small thank you there is going to be a prize draw for all potential “godparents,” with exciting gifts that will be announced soon. 

Stay tuned to our social media for all the exciting announcements!

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