Hellenic Dance Festival 2022 || Greeks reconnect

hdf 2022

This year our Greek School had the honor of supporting and attending the Hellenic Dance Festival 2022 in Orlando, Florida organized by the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Atlanta. The message of this year’s event in Orlando was “reconnect” and that is indeed what happened there in January 2022 after two years of distance and fear. 

On the weekend of the 14-17 of January we got to attend HDF 2022 and watch more than 2000 Hellenic dancers dance, sing, compete, reenact Greek traditions, walk around in breathtaking traditional costumes of impressive quality and detail and meet people from other Greek communities. 

Apart from getting to watch all these dancers of all ages and backgrounds perform we had the chance to meet some of our students who were also performing there in person. If you ask us, they were the best dancers in the competition and we cannot thank them enough for their spirits and love for the Greek language and culture! 

As people who live in Greece and work in Greek education for the Greek diaspora we are aware of the bond and ties Greek-Americans have with our country and culture. However, to actually witness it in person within their communities is something we will cherish forever.

Thank you HDF 2022 for this amazing experience. Cheers to our promise to reconnect once again this summer in our Greek language summer programs for children and adults in Greece.

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