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What’s the largest Greek city after Athens and Thessaloniki? Patras? Heraklion? Larisa? Cue to wrong answer buzzer sound. The correct answer is Melbourne! Melbourne has a Greek community of about 400,000 people, has been holding the title of the 3rd largest Greek city for decades and is justifiably considered as the city with the largest Greek-speaking population outside Greece.

In the 1920s, there were flows of Greek immigrants trying to find a better life for themselves in Australia and Melbourne in particular. Once one family member would move to Australia, the rest of the family would usually follow. As a result, entire Greek communities from islands like Kastellorizo for instance moved to Australia and simply excelled there. 

Melbourne has Greek schools, churches, and even Greek festivals and Melbourne Greeks make sure to learn Greek and preserve their Greek heritage and identity throughout the generations. After all, Oakleigh, Melbourne, has a very special title to be proud of; it has been named the “Greek-est place outside of Greece.”  

As we always say, Greece is wherever Greeks are and Melbourne is without a doubt a Greek city at heart!


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