Greeks of the World || Marrickville

Greeks of the world_ Marrickville

After our School’s recent trip to Australia, we were quickly told by Greeks in Sydney that the neighborhood called Marrickville was officially renamed as “Little Greece” by the local council.

Marrickville, Sydney or Little Greece has always been a place full of Greek people and Greek Australians. It has always been the home for the Greek community of Sydney. It’s been the place where you could shop the best Greek products, the place where you find supermarkets and delis with Greek names, Greek cafeterias, Greek churches and Greek schools.

“Little Greece” is a symbolic move of respect to honor the Greek heritage of this place in Sydney and it is undoubtedly something that moved a lot of Sydney Greeks. Melbourne is definitely known as the city with the biggest population of Greek people. However, the Greek community of Marrickville has been there longer than any other community in Australia.

And our experience in the Little Greece of Sydney was that you could still hear Greek spoken around you everywhere in the neighborhood. This is a feeling that always humbles us and makes so much proud of all these amazing Greeks outside Greece.

So next time you find yourself in Sydney, don’t forget to pass by Little Greece and enjoy the Greek aura and heritage of this amazing community that just happens to be thousands of miles far from Greece. The Greek Australians there will amaze you.

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