Greek Teaching all over the world

Greek Teaching all over the world

It is more and more often that we hear about teaching over the Internet, about online tools and applications helping students with their education. But who are the people that actually create online lessons?

Pavlos Ksinas is one of the first teachers in Greece to create and conduct online lessons. Pavlos is the founder of the online tutoring service Ετσι Μαθαίνω, co-founder of the greek online school Greek Lessons OnLine and the organiser of the seminar “Ο Διαδικτυακός Καθηγητής”.

Greek teachers break new ground: More than 1000 teachers have already been educated and trained in teaching online lessons through the seminar “Ο Διαδικτυακός Καθηγητής”, organised by Pavlos.

Teaching Modern Greek, Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry online: Through the Greek online school Greek Lessons OnLine and the online tutoring service Ετσι Μαθαίνω Greek teachers hold lessons all over the world, using the most contemporary educational tools.

A classroom, in every student’s home: The online classes of Greek Lessons OnLine and Ετσι Μαθαίνω turn your computer monitor into an interactive whiteboard while at the same time you can see and listen live to your classmates and your teacher!

Are online lessons held through Skype? No, our online lessons are held on e-learning platforms specially designed to enhance and facilitate real-time online learning.

Interaction at its highest: Our students interact during the lessons; they write, get assigned many different exercises, underline words and phrases, take quizzes and tests.  Knowledge is created through everything the students do. Letting a student just watch the teacher –especially online- you only make sure that they will be bored… or even fall asleep.

Is online teaching easy? Delivering a good quality online lesson is not always simple or straightforward. However, with the right training, guidance, and a little hard work it becomes progressively easier. Our teachers’ dedication pays back in the end!

The online geniuses: It is really impressive to see how easily all children and most adults adapt to technology.  Every single one of our students learns to create their own “miracles” through their computer. 

Additional skills:  You gain great ease in the use of your computer. During your online lessons you learn to use new applications and tools. It is especially astonishing to see our 5- or 6-year-olds mastering them.

Keeping control of the class! In a traditional classroom, lively students talk to their neighbours, are noisy and create disorder.  In our online classes even the most distracted students focus on their lesson, while we can call the class back to order just with a simple click.

Group or private online lessons? The energy in group lessons is just incredible. Is there anything nicer than sharing the experience of learning? Of course, private lessons offer their own, many advantages.

Classmates from all over the world. In a traditional Greek school your classmates come from the same neighbourhood or city but in our online classes you learn alongside students from different cities, countries or even different continents.

Do computers unite or isolate? During our online lessons we never stop communicating, either orally or in writing.  There is isolation when there is no communication. That is why our classes definitely unite.

Our biggest joy is the accomplishments of our students! Success can be that they speak more and more Greek, the acquisition of a Greek language certificate or enrollment to a Greek university. 

Thank you Internet! Through the Internet we can share our knowledge with so many amazing people all over the world. We really are the luckiest teachers on the planet!

Sign up for a free trial with Greek Lessons OnLine to experience a 20 min. live online greek lesson. If you are a greek teacher, interested in the “Διαδικτυακός Καθηγητής» seminar you may apply here and if you are looking for a greek Math, Biology or Chemistry tutor, you can contact Ετσι Μαθαίνω.

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