Greek Summer Camp Adventures

Treasure Hunt Summer Camp

Remember that day when you were 8 years old and read a Sherlock Holmes story for the first time? That’s when you decided you wanted to be a detective when you grew up. Or maybe it wasn’t Sherlock for you. Maybe it was Indianna Jones with his great hat and his mighty whip that introduced you to the fun of adventure. No matter who did it, ever since that day playing with the kids from your street, being at the park with friends, every school recess turned into an adventure movie, with you and your friends playing pretend and trying to arrest the “baddy” or find the lost treasure. 

What if you could gift your child with this kind of fun? What if you could make sure that your child, who is always on the Internet and has a pile of homework every week can have Sherlock-like or Indianna-like adventures this summer? What if there was a language Summer Camp where your kids can improve their Greek while having the best time of their lives? Well, there is one! 

The Greek LOL Summer Camp has been designed to help students improve their Greek but most importantly to make sure kids spend two weeks in Greece… being kids. And kids need to play. Kids need to be in nature. Kids need to have adventures. So, aspiring detectives, sneaky spies and competent archaeologists can rest assured because the Greek LOL Summer Camp has their back! With lots of fun days when the kids have the chance to go on a treasure hunt, learning is disguised as an adventure and kids get to employ all their senses and skills to find the treasure!   

And they simply love it. They love being outdoors in the Greek summer. They love being part of a team that has one common goal! They love interacting with each other to find the treasure. They love a bit of healthy competition, trying to get to the treasure first and win! They love having to think outside the box and use all their skills and senses for the problem-solving tasks that come their way. They love finding the clues. They love the mystery and they love the adventure. 

What are you waiting for then? It is your turn to give your children the summer adventure they deserve! It is their turn to remember the days they turned into Sherlock or Indianna Jones. It is their turn to learn to love Greek while having fun adventures in the Greek summer!

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