Greek Students’ Teleconference

Greek Students' Teleconference

We are very excited to share with you the success of our 2nd teleconference “We Speak Greek in March” . 15 young students aged 13 to 16 years from the United Kingdom, Australia, and Italy connected on Sunday March 20th to our virtual classroom to talk about themselves, to communicate with each other and to take part in activities around the Greek language. The teleconference was held in the online classes of Greek Lessons OnLine, and involved students from the Greek school Manor Hill in London and the School of the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria.

During the teleconference all students had the chance to chat with each other, to play language and memory games in Greek and exchange experiences. At the end of the teleconference, there was a surprise waiting for the participants. The actor Lila Baklesi, who plays Elli in the greek series “Tamam”, sent a video message to the kids and encouraged them to continue learning and speaking the greek language. Lila’s contribution has been of great value and we truly hope that next year we will have more celebrities to join us and send their own personal message about the importance of keeping the Greek language alive! 

After the completion of the activities all students remained in the virtual classroom, exchanged emails, talked with each other and as you can see in the video they enjoyed it a lot! A great thanks to our director Mrs Stella Bompotsiari, Mr Pavlos Ksinas, Androniki Tachi Lavouti, Nancy Mousteraki, Lisa Matz and Mr Tzimpragos,  who made this teleconference a great success for everybody!

Please stay tuned as we will be posting videos and photos of the teleconference soon!

Thank you all!

You have been amazing!

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