Greek schools move forward!

Greek schools move forward!

Greek Schools move forward and innovate!

Bett exhibition constitutes one of the greatest opportunities for an individual to see the new applications developed mainly for the online but also for the traditional education.

Our leaders, Stella and Pavlos visited the exhibition and came in contact with fresh ideas, new tools and many young people, who invest the majority of their time on ICT. As they said “We were filled with many new experiences and we are now ready to get back to work. We are looking forward to put everything into practice in order to provide new learning experiences to our students according to what we have seen and transfer this new knowledge to all teachers through the “Online Tutor” seminar. We are already testing software applications that we think would support our students’ learning and we have decided what to implement in our method to motivate our students more!!! We have many things coming for our greek students!!!”

We are impressed by:

  • The courtesy of British people and the excellent event organization was expected, but this should be emphasized and constitute a good example for us to follow. The applications that impressed and attracted us the most are the following:
  • Click Meeting: A Polish synchronous online learning platform, which is designed and developed in order to be used by the teachers. The people developing it are extremely polite and willing to listen to the needs of every single teacher who uses it or intends to do so.
  • Edu4school: A very remarkable Greek effort, which has yielded an operating software with which the school, tutorial, as well as teachers can organize students, parents, classes, courses and payments.
  • Google for Education: A spectacular presentation, which confirms that one of the internet colossi has focused its interest in the educational applications and education material.
  • Microsoft, HP, Apple, Cisco and all other major companies of the IT sector had an impressive presence in the exhibition

Walking around the exhibition, we realized that there are very few tools available for Greek schools or for people that want to learn Greek. However, we can make this true, we can change it. We can work together and create, design, build, implement, and integrate amazing tools for our Greek learners. We are ready to start! Thank you BETT for the inspiration!!!

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