Greek OnLine Summer Celebration 2020

summer 2020 online celebration

This Summer might be different but the Greek LOL online summer party brought us together once again

Our online Greek School might be about teaching Greek to people from all over the world, but it is also largely about establishing a community of people, students, teachers, parents that get together and celebrate Hellenism and all the wonderful Greeks of the world. This is precisely what makes our online celebrations some of the most special and anticipated days of the school year. And at this year’s Online Summer Celebration we were more and more excited than ever! 

Summer time fun 

Students from all over the world connected from the safety of their homes, participated enthusiastically in our online celebration and made it unique with their presence. Just like at every other Greek LOL celebration, playing is key since there is no better way to learn than when you are having fun with your friends. This year we talked about the summer fruit we love and we played with summer words in Greek that all our little Greeks knew perfectly well! We also played a knowledge quiz that proved once again how amazing and fun the Greek LOL students are! 

Little Greek LOL Environmentalists  

The Greek LOL fun does not stop at the games, though. It goes on even when we get together, learn new things, and talk about important issues that our students are passionate about. This year, our students presented their projects and talked about the importance of the protection of the environment, our seas and animals. They discussed the bad habits we all have when it comes to environmental pollution and they presented the ways they recycle in their own towns and cities.  

Thanks once again to the wonderful Greek LOL students, our online summer celebration was a success that brought little Greeks from around the world together, got them to practise with their speaking skills and knowledge and showed us that they have all learned to love Greek! Now we are all ready for Summer! 

Get a taste of our Greek Online Summer Celebration highlights! 

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