Greek LOL Summer Camp success

Greek LOL Summer Camp success

When we first visioned of Greek LOL Summer Camp, we knew how beneficial it would be for our students but we could not foresee all the excitement and love this program would be surrounded with! 

For 13 days 20 kids attended daily Greek lessons – 1h in the morning and 1h in the afternoon–  and for the rest of the day they were fully immersed in cultural, sporting and social activities with 1,500 more kids from Greece.  Our students travelled from NY, Cayman Islands, Tennessee, London and Singapore to learn Greek, play, dance, have fun and above all …make new friends, new best friends. 

The best moment of our Summer Camp for all of us was when our students were awarded as the best Greek Diaspora students. More than 1,500 kids stood up clapping, cheering and rhythmically calling their names! What a huge Greek hug everybody! 

And the biggest success of all? Our students spoke Greek more and more every day! They had more opportunities to speak Greek -during their lessons, when they played sports or with their Greek friends- so they became better, more confident and really good in Greek! And they actually loved speaking it! 

With gracious thanks to our awesome students and teachers for making this programme a real success! 

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