Greek Language League || Debut

The award winning Greek Language League , the pilot season of the greatest Greek language championship for kids, debuted on Feb 23rd with Match Day 1. Our four teams entered the arenas yesterday to play and collect the required points that will move them to the next phase. 

GATONIA Team and their coach Fenia were playing at Stefanidi Arena against TSAKALIA Team and coach Anna. The teams were very well-trained and prepared and entered the game ready to give it all and win! The game was Greekdom, a challenge meant to test their general knowledge on Greece. After a suspenseful game, Gatonia prevailed and won 3 points. Tsakalia pledged to win next time. 

Antetokounmpo Arena hosted the second match of the day, SPIRTA vs SAINIA. Both teams entered the arena with coach Dimitra and Sofia respectively and they could not wait to play. The game was full of twists and turns, question after question one team prevailed and then this would change. The teams had to play for the game at the very last question. Spirta got it right and celebrations broke out. 

Match Day 1 was an absolute blast! The little Greeks played, learned and had fun. And when it comes to the Greek Language League, Gatonia and Spirta are now leading the race while Tsakalia and Sainia need to win the next game to stay in the run for the knockout games.  

Match 2 is on March 9th! Stay tuned!

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