Greek Language Camp 2023

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In summer 2022, more than 75 little Greeks traveled from Europe, the US and Australia to attend the Greek Language Summer Camp. The little Greek campers loved their Greek lessons and activities with our Greek School so much that they kept asking for more. 

And we listened… In summer 2023, the Greek Language Summer Camp will return in one bigger period. The program will last 14 days and will include about 60 hours of Greek language lessons. This immersive Greek language program will aim to help students who stay for the whole duration of the camp, complete one language level and be ready to move to the next one. 

However, students will be able to stay for 1 week instead of 2 and still gain a great deal from this intensive Greek language program. 

Thanks to the program’s popularity, another great addition for the 2023 Camp is that The Greek Online School will be able to form its own community at the camp. By this we mean that The Greek Online School campers will be staying in the newest camp cabins together with cabin leaders selected and supervised by our School. All cultural and sports activities will also be organized by The Greek Online School. This will give our students the opportunity to connect even more with their classmates and follow a daily program carefully designed with our international campers in mind. 

What’s a better way to bond with your classmates than a school trip? Our 2023 Greek campers will also have the chance to pay a visit together to the ancient theater of Epidavros! We honestly cannot wait! 

In 2023 the Greek Language Camp will be back with more days, more Greek and more Greek School! Just like you asked! Ready to form the greatest community at The Ranch? We are! For more information click here.

What’s new at the Greek Language Summer Camp

✔ 1 period. 2 weeks

✔ 60 hours of Greek lessons & activities

✔ Level completion certificate

✔ Upgraded accommodation

✔ The Greek Online School campers will be staying together

✔ Cabin leaders selected & supervised by The Greek Online School

✔ All sports & cultural activities organized by The Greek Online School

✔ Epidavros Visit

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