Greek Independence Day OnLine Celebration

Greek Independence Day Celebration

While people around the world are experiencing unprecedented times, while schools are closing and both teachers and students are struggling to switch from a face-to-face setting to online education overnight, Greek LOL proves Greeks’ promptitude to take it to the next level.

Greek LOL is your school that will always remain open not only to teach Greek to people around the world, but also to keep Greeks together and offer children a sense of normality even in trying times like these. All celebrations for this year’s Greek Independence Day have been cancelled. Not for our Greek LOL students, however, who all gathered together from every corner of the world to celebrate our most important national anniversary.

More than 80 Ellinopoula from all over the world connected from the safety of their homes to celebrate Greek Independence Day and to commemorate their Greek ancestors, who fought for the freedom of Greece back in 1821. Celebrating freedom in the era of Coronavirus is more relevant than ever. Celebrate Greece with us by watching these young proud Greeks who promote Hellenism and honor freedom; a value we are in great need of today more than ever.

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