Greek in Greece || July Camp 2024

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Every year we spend months planning and preparing for our Greek Language Summer Camp in Greece and then it’s time to go there and our days with the kids go by so fast , there is not even time to process. This is of course the case because we are having so much fun and our days are so full that we don’t realize how fast it goes.

Today marks the end of our July Camp period. 10 days full of Greek lessons, sports, activities, dances, songs, yummy Greek food, swimming pools, an unforgettable trip to the ancient theater of Epidavros and all the fun you can imagine! We are going to miss starting our day with our little campers, watching them become independent and making new friends, hearing the improvement in their Greek day by day, rooting for them when they were playing football or doing archery.

But, the ending is always bittersweet, because we are sure we are going to see you again! Εις το επανιδείν July campers!

Now let’s focus on the August period that starts in less than 20 days! The Greek Camp fun never ends!

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