Greek Immersion Course 2023


And just like that after another year of preparations and planning, our Greek Immersion Course in Spetses came to an end on July 2nd. Are we happy it is over? Of course not! Our Greek course in Spetses is so unique that everybody, staff, teachers, and students turn into family for 10 days and no one wants to leave when it ends. So, we can safely say that we are already looking forward to the Spetses course of 2024.

But what happened this year?

This year was our second time at the amazing Anargyreios School of Spetses and there were quite a lot returning students from last year who were eager to show the newbies around and make them part of the family. And they succeeded. This year there were more hours of Greek, more dancing, a night at an open air cinema, our own private chef to teach us Greek recipes and so much more that shall remain between us I am afraid.

This year we had the chance to observe the progress that the class of 2022 made through our returning students. Some through our online lessons, others through the chance to practice Greek more with their families, they all amazed us with how improved they were, how much more confident they have become, and how they cruised around Spetses like true locals.

This year people from 9 countries and all wakes of life travelled to Greece to attend the Greek Immersion Course in Spetses. Some were complete beginners, others had some knowledge of Greek, others were more advanced speakers. After 9 days, all of them left immersed in the language and island culture just like we had promised. Most importantly, they formed connections with each other as well as with our country that will always be a great reason bringing them back to Greece and its language.

After 2 years in Spetses we can safely say that our Immersion Course students have definitely learned to love Greek. Till next year!

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