Greek Easter Traditions OnLine

easter 2020

By the time they finish Greek school, every Greek knows that the Greek Orthodox Easter is the greatest religious holiday for Hellenism and Orthodoxy. Easter in Greece is joyously celebrated even by the least religious families. This is the case because it is definitely an important celebration for Christianity, but it is also one of the most important Greek traditions. And this is the case not only because of all the food. Easter is a holiday about the essence of love and sacrifice. It is a holiday about the rebirth of every nature. It is a holiday about the love between parents and children. As you know very well, there is no love for Greeks more important than this. Than the love between a family. And Easter is all about family.

Next week is Holy Week for Greeks everywhere. An important week full of customs and traditions that we might not have the chance to experience exactly like last year or the years before that. This will not stop, however, the Greek LOL students from learning everything about our glorious Easters in Greece. Just like every year, this Holy Week the Greek LOL teachers will incorporate in their virtual classrooms discussions, stories, recipes, texts, images, songs about the customs and traditions that make this holiday so special for Greeks everywhere. 

Our young students learn rules about the Greek alphabet and grammar, they learn to read and write, they practise all skills in modern Greek to become fluent in speaking the language, but they also learn about our country. Language means culture and vice versa. This is why, just like every other year, students in our Greek for kids classes will have the chance to learn about Easter traditions in Greece in order to be ready to experience them properly once again, why not back in Greece with all their loved ones, when our lives go back to normal.

Until then… Kalo Pascha se olous and stay safe! 

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