Greek Camp || 2024 Dates Update

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The Greek Online School is thrilled to announce the return of the highly anticipated Greek Language Summer Camp in two periods in 2024 2-11 July & 2-11 August. Tailored for children aged 6-15, this immersive program offers a unique blend of linguistic exploration and cultural immersion in the breathtaking Greek nature.

🌟 What’s in Store?

60 Hours of Immersive Greek Lessons & Language Activities: Participants will engage in 60 hours of intensive Greek lessons and language activities, designed to enhance their language skills while fostering a deep appreciation for the Greek language.

Interactive Cross-Thematic Projects: The curriculum features interactive cross-thematic projects, encouraging creativity and teamwork as campers explore various facets of Greek culture.

Sports & Cultural Activities Managed by Professionals: In an exciting upgrade, all sports and cultural activities will be overseen by the experienced team at SP.E.E.C. Greek, ensuring a well-rounded and professionally managed experience.

Visit to Epidavros: Our little campers will have the unique opportunity to explore the historical wonders of Epidavros, gaining insights into Greece’s rich cultural heritage.

Accommodation & Meals at The Ranch, Sofiko: Located just an hour from Athens, The Ranch in Sofiko provides a beautiful setting for campers to reside and have one of the most unforgettable summer experiences of their lives.

🎒 Learning Objectives:

The camp’s primary focus is on enhancing language skills, including reading, writing, and most importantly conversational Greek. Regardless of their Greek proficiency level, children are welcome to partake in this enriching journey, have fun, and make friends that last for life.

🏕️ Daily Camp Life:

Each day is carefully curated with a mix of Greek classes, arts and crafts, sports, and delightful surprises. The schedule promises an engaging and dynamic environment, striking a balance between learning and excitement.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Supervision & Support:

Parents can rest assured with the 24/7 care and support provided by the experienced camp team, ensuring a safe and enriching experience for young learners.

🔗 For More Details & Registration

For those eager to delve into this Greek adventure, you can fill in the form at the Greek Camp website found here or contact

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity for your child to embrace Greek language and culture in an immersive and educational setting.

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