Greek Audiobooks for children

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Spoken language understanding is a crucial part of language learning. Especially for children learning Greek as a second language and not necessarily being in environments where Greek is spoken, the “consumption” of spoken Greek is both a challenging endeavor and a vital one.

Recently we came upon an important effort by Patakis Publishing, one of the most important Greek publishers. Patakis Publishing have created an online library of audio-books that is accessible for free to everyone. This library includes Greek stories and Greek fairytales for children narrated by Ilektra Gennata and Thanasis Halkias.

Audiobooks offer a multi-sensory experience that combines auditory and visual learning, aiding in comprehension, vocabulary acquisition, and language fluency. By listening to audiobooks, children are exposed to diverse accents, intonations, and storytelling styles, which enhances their listening skills and understanding of Greek language nuances. Additionally, it stimulates imagination and cognitive abilities, as kids can create mental images based on the auditory cues. Audiobooks provide an accessible way for children to engage with stories, expanding their cultural awareness and nurturing a love for literature, all while significantly boosting their language development and proficiency.

Of courses the stories included in this library are mostly addressed to children with an advanced level of Greek. Nevertheless, with the help and time of their parents all children who are in the process of Greek language learning could benefit from being exposed to these audiobooks and the excellent stories they include.

You can access the free library here.

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