Good luck on your GCSE preparation

gsce-greek-preparetion announcement

Exams are a challenging time for students and it takes a lot of effort from them, their parents and teachers. That is why we always like to acknowledge our students when they start this journey and not only when they succeed after it. 

Some of our teen students from the UK have recently started their three-year GCSE exam preparation in Greek. This will be a challenging period but they luckily have their parents and Greek tutors by their side who make sure that they take away a lot of the exam-related stress by preparing GCSE candidates as well as possible. 

So we would like to acknowledge our students on this exciting journey and wish them luck on their first step towards their academic studies. We are more than certain that with their skills, their parents’ support and the Greek Online School tutors’ careful plan and right GCSE preparation, they will definitely have the results they are striving for.  

All the best to our students! Sky’s the limit! 

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