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The semi-finals we were all waiting for took place at the Greek Language League Arenas on Wednesday April 13th. The four teams gave everything they had to win and the tight scores are proof of the decisiveness, passion and ability of all teams. Spirta vs Tsakalia and Gatonia vs Sainia.

The players could not hold their enthusiasm the whole week and the hype was in the sky during the Greek Language League semi-finals. Everybody was there. Full squads for all teams and four eager coaches excited to watch their players have fun…and win!

Semi-Final 2 at Stefanidi Arena

At Stefanidi Arena, we watched a game with no predicted winner.  Spirta gathered 43 Points and Tsakalia 37 at the end. However, the first round concuded with Tsakalia leading the score. Spirta decided to win the second round and that is what they did, thus winning the game and moving to the grand final!

Semi-Final 1 at Antetokounmpo Arena

At Antetokounmpo Arena, the match was equally suspenseful. The first round ended in a tie with 25 points for each team. When the second round began, the teams were passionate to win and very close in score. The game came down to the last play. Gatonia prevailed with a difference of 4 points and the final score of 45 – 41. 

The grand final and bronze medal game are scheduled for April 20th. We cannot wait to watch both games, the players are emotionally ready and the coaches are preparing their tactics. Stay tuned for more!

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