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After a weekly setback due to Covid that all major events have faced, the GLL returned on Wednesday with the two games we were all waiting for. Tsakalia VS Sainia and Gatonia VS Spirta! 

At Stefanidi Arena, Tsakalia and Sainia were trying to redeem themselves after two losses in the first two games. As a result, their performance was spectacular. After a bit over an hour, a lot of highlights, great answers, and funny moments between the teams, Tsakalia prevailed at the second round with 508 points. 

Stefanidi Arena

Antetokοunmpo Arena hosted the two winners of the first two games, Gatonia and Spirta for a match that would define the top of the scoreboard. Both teams were impressive, but Gatonia left no room for surprises and won the game with 502 points. 

Antetokοunmpo Arena

What comes next for the 4 teams that we have grown to love so much?

All teams move to the next phase and will face each other at the two semi-finals on April 13th. Who will proceed to the grand final and compete for the gold medal and the title of GLL champion 2022? Stay tuned for the exciting games that are coming up!

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