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The Greek Language League continued last Wednesday with Gatonia and Spirta in the lead. Match Day 2 found all Greek teams in excellent condition. Sainia faced Gatonia in Stefanidi Arena and Tsakalia played against Spirta in Antetokοunmpo Arena. 

The well-trained players had to compete in a game of sounds. From bees to basketballs and from the sound of paper to the sound of a hairdryer, they had to either guess the sound in Greek and risk giving points to the other team or let the other team guess it. So, there was a lot of strategy involved in the game and frankly all teams proved to have some MVPs who are not kidding around.

The game in Stefanidi Arena was more than suspenseful. Sainia were in the lead for the biggest part of the game, preparing for their comeback from their loss on Match Day 1. However, Gatonia had not said their last word and managed to win in the very last part of the game securing 3 more points and their position in the lead of the scoreboard. 

Stefanidi Arena results

Things were more clear from the start in Antetokοunmpo Arena where Spirta won with an impressive 153 to the 98 points that Tsakalia managed to collect with a very nice effort. 

Antetokοunmpo Arena results

After two games Gatonia and Spirta lead the scoreboard with 6 points each and Sainia and Tsakalia have 2 losses and 0 points. Match Day 3 will be a roller coaster with Gatonia facing Spirta to play for first position and Sainia facing Tsakalia for 3rd and 4th places. Match Day 3 is very important for all the teams because it will shape the knockout phase games with the two semi-finals and grand final! 

Match Day 3 is on March 23rd and we cannot wait!

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