GLL || Final


After two years of planning and designing and more than two months of endless games, the pilot season of the Greek Language League concluded on Wednesday April 20th with the grand final and bronze medal game. Sincerely, the players of all teams were saving the best for last and offered us two unbelievable games full of twists and turns.

The bronze medal game between Tsakalia and Sainia was hosted in Antetokοunmpo Arena. Some were predicting low energy levels for the game due to the two teams’ semi-finals disappointment, but luckily they were wrong. Both teams entered the arena with the enthusiasm and determination that they showed in the last two months of the League and had great fun during the game. In the end, against all odds, the great underdog of the pilot League, Sainia, managed to win the bronze medal and could not stop celebrating. 

The surprises were not few at Stefanidi Arena either. The two teams that dominated the whole season, Gatonia and Spirta faced each other again for the title of the GLL champion. The unbeatable Gatonia dominated Round 1 of a game that was the only one that Spirta lost at the group stage. You could tell that Spirta had this in mind at first since they started round 1 quite reluctantly. Round 1 wrapped up with a deafening 381 points, while Spirta managed to secure a “life-saving” 85 points. 

Spirta did not lose faith! They entered Round 2 believing that they can turn things around and this is what they did. With a streak of right answers they aced their question and won the game with 465 points! 

Congratulations to all four teams for their participation and great performance. 

These 30 players helped us build the pilot season of a Greek championship of children that is here to stay. ????

Thank you everyone who helped with this dream that is slowly becoming an amazing reality!

And by the way, this is not the end. The Greek Language League is here to stay!

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