Free Kids Group Classes for Greek LOL Students:Timetable

free group classes timetable

As you might already know, after having considered the situation we are all experiencing and feeling a moral responsibility towards our students during these difficult times, our School has decided to offer Group classes to all Greek LOL young students for free. 

Most children might have seemed happy at first when they heard that their schools would close, they might have treated this as a vacation, a break from school. However, as the days go by and as they feel their parents worrying about the situation, you might have noticed that they are not as excited as they were at first about their closed schools. As time goes by, they ask more questions, feel restless and are impatient to go back to school, which means for them going back to their routines that make them feel safe. 

Our Greek school decided to offer Greek for kids! We are offering free group classes to all our young students to try and give them a sense of routine, a sense of school normalcy during their day and of course a much needed way to socialize with other children their age as much as possible. The timetable for our free group classes for Greek LOL young students is:

Levels 1-2 KIDS: Wednesday 7.00-8.00 pm, Athens time

Levels 3+ KIDS: Thursdays 7.00-8.00 pm, Athens time

Teenagers Group: Wednesday 8.00-9.00 pm, Athens time

Remember that social distancing will end eventually, but the online family that your kids will have created will last forever. Let’s “fill” our houses with children from all over the world while we all stay home. Join our free group classes here. Book a free trial lesson here.

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