First greek education technology meetup

First greek education technology meetup

The first education technology meetup took place on Sunday the 24th of April at ‘’The Cube’’, an alternative coworking space nearby Kanigos square in Athens.

During the event teachers from private and public schools exchanged their opinions about the influence of technology in contemporary education. Instigators were Pavlos Xinas, mathematician, founder of “Έτσι Μαθαίνω” as well as co-founder of Greek Lessons OnLine and Konstantinos Kotelidas, author and chemist teacher. The event began with Theodora Kapsali and Athina Founda introducing a variety of ways for teachers to create educational games by using their innovative platform called ‘’Spark’’. George Koinakis, physicist and director of the private educational group ‘’Epignosi’’, followed, speaking about the contribution of technology to the traditional classroom and how teachers can take advantage of technology tools in order to make their lessons more attractive to their students. After that Pavlos Ksinas presented a selection of educational web applications that can be used for free and how they can be implemented in online lessons. The last speaker of the event was Sofia Pattakou, who introduced the English learning platform ‘’Wordigs’’.

A big thank you to everyone who took part in this meet up and especially to Maria Kalafati, who made it possible to use “The Cube’’. A second education technology meetup will be organized very soon, where teachers from different countries will be invited as well.

Keep on being innovative!

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