Exciting New Greek Courses and Programs

Exciting New Greek Courses and Programs

We are super excited to announce two new Greek LOL programs that will open new learning routes to two of our most beloved age groups, kids and seniors!

Super Greek Seniors «Έλα να τα πούμε»

Are you Greek at the age of 65+ and you really love speaking Greek? Then this is the right program for you! With this program you can connect with people of similar background, make new friends and talk Greek with your classmates-friends from the comfort of your home, no matter where you live around the globe. Within a welcoming, relaxed and mainly Greek atmosphere, this program focuses on discussion and activities about Greek music, cinema, society, history, food many more! The only requirement to join is love for the Greek language and what we all know as Hellenism!

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Greek & Sciences

Are you looking for a course that can boost your kids’ motivation to learn Greek or for a learning setting that will help them improve their Greek without even realising it? Then this is the right course for your kids. This course is ideal for kids who already learn and study Greek at Greek LOL or any other school and they would like to develop their Greek language skills with a course following a cross-thematic approach. In this course your kids will be able to improve their Greek through activities and projects in Geography, Meteorology, Mythology, History, Mathematics and more!

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