Ellinomatheia results 2018!!!

Ellinomatheia results 2018!!!

Time to celebrate the success!

Congratulations to all of our students on your outstanding Ellinomatheia results! Each year, our pupils achieve excellent exam results and 2018 was no exception. Greek Lessons OnLine Founder & Director, Mrs Stella Bompotsiari, said: “These results reflect the dedication and excellence of all our teachers, our students’ hard work and the continuing support of our students’ parents”.

Spyros MeidanisB1AdultUSAΑΡΙΣΤΑ
Sefi AlvoB1AdultIsraelΛΙΑΝ ΚΑΛΩΣ
Demetra KalogridesB1AdultUSAΛΙΑΝ ΚΑΛΩΣ
Eleni TheocharopoulouB1TeenagersUSAΑΡΙΣΤΑ
Stefanos PapastamatisB1TeenagersAustraliaΑΡΙΣΤΑ
Yannis FanourakisB1TeenagersUSAΚΑΛΩΣ
Thanasis SoumakisB1TeenagersUSAΑΡΙΣΤΑ
Melina BikoulisA2TeenagersNorwayΑΡΙΣΤΑ

Greek Lessons Online is a leader in 100% online preparation for the Ellinomatheia Exams and our students’ success justifies the level of professionalism of all Greek LOL teaching staff! If you are interested in the Ellinomatheia Exams and you want to find out more about our preparation courses please click here

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