Ellinomatheia Exams: New Dates for October 2020

ellinomatheia new dates

The Center for the Greek Language has recently announced the dates that the Ellinomatheia Exams will take place in October 2020 to make up for the ones that were postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic in May.

Please note that the registration period for the October Ellinomatheia Exams for the Certificate of Attainment in modern Greek is June 1st to June 28th. Also, kindly note that the oral part of the exams will take place right after the completion of the written examination.

October 2020 Ellinomatheia Exams Dates

  • A1 Level (for children 8-12 years old) – October 13th 2020
  • A1 Level (for teenagers and adults) – October 13th 2020
  • A2 Level & A2 (for business purposes) – October 14th 2020

  • B1 Level – October 15th 2020
  • B2 Level – October 16th 2020
  • C1 Level – October 14th 2020
  • C2 Level – October 13th 2020

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