Education Leaders Awards 2023, thank you

education leaders awards

This year we combined the conclusion of our Greek Immersion Course in Spetses for 2023 with an event in Athens that filled us with joy. On July 3rd, our School, had the honor to receive an award at the Education Leaders Awards for 2023. Our category was online education and the project that received this great honor is extremely dear to our hearts, The Greek Language League.

The Greek Language League is an online championship for children that we have designed with the intention to maintain it completely free and in order to help revolutionize Greek education for children, make it more accessible and interesting for kids who learn Greek around the world.

Awards of course are not the most important thing in life, but a recognition like this by this esteemed institution definitely brings us joy, satisfaction and encourages us to keep on and do even better.

Thank you so much for this honor. We had a blast!

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