Christmas time with your Greek yiayia


In the beginning of this school year, we introduced our yiayia Panagiota to the world with this video.

The inspiration behind yiayia Panagiota is all of our grandmothers and in general the figure of the Greek grandma that is of immense cultural importance for Greeks everywhere.

Your yiayia is the woman who has basically raised you or helped raise you. She is the real head of the family, she can be the sweetest person in the world and at the same time she can have the sneakiest sense of humor. She is the best cook you know and is always trying to feed you. She is the glue that holds the Greek family together. She is this nostalgic feeling of childhood warmth, of holiday family bliss, of home…

This is why this Christmas is dedicated to her! To all our Greek grandmas and grandpas actually. Panagiota does not need gifts from her grandchildren. All she needs is to hear from them these holidays. Maybe to videochat with them if they are far away. But if she actually receives some wishes from her grandchildren in Greek, she will be the happiest person in the entire world!

If you are already learning Greek for yiayia, make sure you surprise her this year and wish her a Merry Christmas in Greek. The greatest, most important wishes she will receive are in Greek! Do it for her! Do it for the yiayias!

If you are wondering how to say all these Christmas wishes in Greek you can learn some here :

Christmas Wishes in Greek

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