Christmas Party 2019

Online Christmas Celebration

Who said you need to be in the same place to enjoy a Christmas party? Greek LOL certainly doesn’t let little details like this stop teachers, students and parents from having fun together. And our annual Christmas party is all about getting together and having fun. Our always imaginative students put their Ruddolf’s antlers, glowing noses and Christmas sweaters on and connected to our Christmas party from Australia, Africa, the USA, and Europe. We truly are everywhere! And just like Greek LOL is their Greek school, this was their Christmas party and they handled it like the true stars that we knew they were!

Something original that we all enjoyed was that our students got to talk about Christmas traditions and customs from their own place of origin in Greece. Not only did we get the chance to learn more about each other’s roots, but we also got to learn about Greek Christmas traditions that we had never heard of. Like the custom of Poupouris from Didimoteixo, where men used to dress with heavy furs, loud bells and masks to scare the goblins away and keep the village safe from them. We truly learned about traditions from Ikaria to Evros. That was a moment we all cherished.

What’s Christmas without some singing? Our talented students could also form an international orchestra if they wanted to. Several students performed Christmas songs, playing the violin or piano, playing the flute or keyboard creating such a warm and special Christmas atmosphere!

But as we all know, it is not a party until we have played some games. In Greek Lessons OnLine we love playing, so our students teamed up to find hidden Greek words and they took part in our Christmas knowledge game. That was so much fun! They all loved it!

Thank you all for being there and making our Christmas Party your Christmas Party! It was truly special, just like the special bond we have created that transcends time zones and distance. Merry Christmas!

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