Christmas in Greece: Pomegranate


You might have noticed that around the holidays, pomegranate is an image and fruit that takes center stage in Greece. There are pomegranate ornaments on the Christmas tree, good luck charms for the new year and of course bowls full of the actual fruit with Christmas decorations around in most Greek homes. 

The truth is that pomegranates have been symbols of prosperity, fertility and regeneration since ancient times in Greece. This is probably why this is the fruit that Greeks have chosen as an important Greek tradition for the new year.

In the past all Greek families would go to church on New Year’s day. When they return home, the first footer, the person who will enter first in the house, usually the father or grandfather, has to smash a pomegranate at the front door.

According to Greek tradition, the more seeds that spread all over the house, the better fortune will be brought to this home in the new year. Καλή χρονιά!  

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