Christmas in Greece: Corfu


Just like Christmas eve, on the eve of the new year, children in Greece gather to sing the carols and welcome the new year. This Greek holiday tradition spreads from north to south with different versions of the carol verses and local traditions that showcase the unique character of every single town and village in Greece.

Corfu or Kerkyra is one of these Greek places with a unique new year’s eve tradition. On the morning of December 31st children in Kerkyra sing the carols from door to door just like in the rest of the country. What’s unique and special in Corfu is that when people open their homes to singing children to give them sweets and pocket money, they also sprinkle them with perfume. 

On that day, people in Kerkyra sprinkle perfume to everyone who passes by, carol singers, children and adults and say “Καλή αποκοπή” which loosely translates to “may we move on from the last year.” This is a gesture to celebrate the new year smelling nice and hoping for the best.

So since we cannot sprinkle you with online perfume just yet, let’s wish “Καλή αποκοπή” to all of you.

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