Celebrating the 17th of November in Greek Schools

Celebrating the 17th of November in Greek Schools

The 17th of November: Every year, Greeks around the world celebrate the 17th of November as the day of the “Athens Polytechnic uprising” against “Greek military junta”. “Greek military junta” was a dictatorial government which imposed its power from 21st of April 1967 until July 1974, lasting seven years.

A special Anniversary for schools: In Greece, every single school honors the day of the “Athens Polytechnic uprising” because the events of that historical day involved mainly students! On the 17th of November, schools deviate their daily routine and students of all ages take part in school events, performances, poem citing, singing etc. 

Poems Citing: Parents and family members join the events, full of excitement for their children. Students filled with pride go on stage and read poems written by famous Greek poets. 

Singing: The songs of Greek composers and singers such as Theodorakis and Loizos, describing the incidents that took place in the “Athens Polytechnic uprising” play from the speakers of the stage. In addition, the school’s choir sings similar revolutionary songs, helping not only the students, but also the audience to understand the huge impact the 17th of November had on the history of Greece. 

Students on stage: Moreover, many schools organize theatrical plays with students becoming actors by playing various roles, reviving the memories of November 17, 1973, in the National Technical University of Athens.

“Bread-Education-Freedom”: The main slogan “Bread-Education-Freedom” can be found everywhere, near the painted Greek flags and the photos captured on November 17, 1973. 

Proud to be Greek: In the end all the attendees applaud the children and the teachers for their contribution to the celebration and return home full of excitement, feeling even more proud of our nation.

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