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back to greek school

After a summer that we will remember for a long time, after managing to bring about 115 people to Greece for our Summer Camp for kids and Immersion Course for adults, it’s back to Greek School time!  

The team that is now bigger than ever is back from their holiday and everything is ready for our little and bigger Greeks to go back to their online desks and reunite with their favorite Greek teachers. 

Big or small, it’s time to enroll! Private, small or bigger group lessons, lessons for beginners or more advanced students, general Greek courses, conversation Greek, Greek exams, the Greek Online School has everything you need.  

All you need to do is book your free trial lesson and one of our teachers will contact you with the details. 

You can book a free lesson here.

If you are interested in our Greek groups for adults, kids and teens click here to find out more about the schedule and fees. 

Happy School year! Καλή σχολική χρονιά! 

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