A Valentine’s Present for you all

A2 Greek Grammar Course

If you are Greek and are in a mixed-language relationship, I’m sure you have lots of stories to tell about the first time your partner met your Greek family. These interactions are priceless and make the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding seem like a documentary.  However, sometimes there might be a communication problem for the people in a mixed-language relationship, especially if they communicate in a third language that is not native to neither of them. Love is a universal feeling, but when linguistic differences make it difficult to express emotions in words that both parties understand and appreciate, things can get more complicated than they should be. 

Because we at Greek LOL appreciate a good love story and Greeks in love, we have the best Valentine’s present for you. An original and thoughtful gift that will help you express all your emotions to your Greek-speaking partner. February is the month of love and we love all of you! This is why our A2 Greek Grammar Course designed to be taken online at your own time and pace, will be available for all of you with a 50% discount for a while as a Valentine’s present. That’s right 50%! You need to hurry! 

This truly is the perfect idea for a thoughtful present for Valentine’s Day that both celebrates the spirit of the day and avoids tacky cliches when it comes to gift-giving. If you hurry you can find it now with a 50% discount and get the perfect present for your partner who wants to learn basic Greek grammar to communicate with your family. Or you could get it for you, learn Greek at your own time and pace and surprise your Greek-speaking partner. 

Love might be a universal feeling but Greek is the best language to express it! Enroll here and just apply the coupon code: 3monthsbefore

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