A unique Christmas tale for our little ones 2

A unique Christmas tale for our little ones 2

“Candy shop escape: on Santa Claus sleigh”

The Christmas sweets Belos, Koula and Melika are back with their new friends Doros, Ellie, Stella and Trifonas and their new adventures in the Clock and Cheese Land, the city of the Bell Tower and the Palace on their way to Santa Claus village.

In their new adventures they show how strong the power of friendship and love is and the importance of chasing your dreams no matter how hard the way might be.

If you wish to order it for your kids, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and friends please email us at info@thegreekonlineschool.com including your postal address and this special Christmas tale will come directly to your door. Please note that this book is only in Greek so it’s a great chance for you and your littles ones to practise!

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