A School event to remember

ellinomatheia party

Recently we received the amazing news that all our students who were Ellinomatheia Exam candidates managed to pass their exams with flying colors. Congratulations to our littlest Benny, 9 years old, our adult students Danagra and Peter who have been with us for many many years now and have now passed the B2 level, to Ioanna and Panagiota who started out when they were little girls and are now progressing amazingly, to Margarita for her great accomplishment, to Eric, Roxana, Athena, George, Thanos and Ourania. 

Since we couldn’t restrict ourselves to simply congratulating them, we decided to plan a special online gathering last Sunday in order to celebrate their great accomplishment. Teachers and Ellinomatheia students from all levels, ages and corners of the world met in our School’s virtual classrooms. This gathering gave our students the opportunity to meet more students like them, to meet with more people from the Greek LOL team and to spend a nice evening of Greek and fun together. 

As you might all know by now, our online community loves to have fun and can’t get enough of our online games. This event was no exception since we all got the chance to play our own version of Family Feud in Greek! The result was hilarious.

Congratulations to our amazing students once again and thank you for a great Sunday party dedicated to all of you. Και εις ανώτερα!

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