A Christmas Party to Remember

christmas parties for everyone

We love our classes, lessons of Grammar, online activities with our classmates and our homework- well let’s face it we don’t love homework that much. However, nothing bonds a School community better than a special day spent in a more relaxed and fun mood. Our online Christmas Parties are these special days for us and our students from all over the world!

On these festive days, we all gather together, students and teachers, from the same or different class and level of Greek, with our families and friends by our side, from America, Africa and Europe. We put on our most festive smiles, our Sunday best, our Christmas decorations and we celebrate together. Sometimes we play a game of questions, sometimes we play a funny Christmas game, some other times our students talk about special Christmas traditions from their Greek town of origin or they share their favorite Christmas memories. We sing, we play and laugh. But most importantly we all see each other, we share smiles and make memories together, just like the big online Greek family we are.

When our School started organizing online celebrations for our students, we never thought that the videos we recorded to remember the laughs and good times we had with our students, would today work as a source of inspiration for so many fellow teachers around the world. Dozens of teachers contact us to give them advice on how to plan an online celebration for their students these days. Here is a useful playlist from our online celebrations and Greek anniversary days for all of you to watch, be inspired and get ideas so as to offer your students a few big smiles and fun Christmas memories during these difficult days we all have to deal with. 

We cannot wait to share the video from this year’s Christmas party that will be the best and biggest one yet! Until then, make sure you spread some holiday cheer to anyone who needs it! Καλές Γιορτές!   

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