4th Teleconference “Speak Greek in March” 2018

4th Teleconference "Speak Greek in March" 2018

“We Speak Greek in March” Teleconference

In the framework of the campaign We Speak Greek in March students will participate in a Teleconference organized by the online greek language school Greek Lessons OnLine and supported by the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria.

Day and Time of the teleconference

In order to make participation feasible for more people, this year we will run three separate events:

  • Sunday March 11th at 11:00-12:00 Athens time (kids & teenagers)
  • Sunday March 11th at 19:00-20:00 Athens time (kids & teenagers)
  • Sunday March 11th at 19:00-20:00 Athens time (adults)

Please sign up to join the event !

Purpose of the Event

The purpose of the event is to promote the Greek language, to encourage communication and create bonds of friendship between students who learn Greek and live all over the world. Moreover, through new technologies we are aiming to connect students who share the same cultural background. This meeting could result in enhancing the daily use of the Greek language, as well as stimulating students’ interest for learning our amazing and beautiful Greek language.

Past Teleconferences

In the previous years more than 50 students joined the teleconferences from Italy, Norway, France, Greece, Germany, Israel, United Kingdom and Australia. All participants were involved in language activities and games, exchanged emails, talked with each other and they enjoyed themselves so much that they actually remained in the teleconference room and continued talking, although the official part of the teleconference had ended.

Teleconference content

All participants will take part in fun language activities, which will involve mainly speaking but also writing. The participants will be provided with the opportunity to meet other students who share the same love for the Greek language, even though they live hundreds of miles apart.


Participation is free and there is a limited number of spots available. All students aged 8+ of the greek diaspora who live in the USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia can take part. Participants need to be able to speak basic Greek.


The planning and the orchestration of the teleconference is undertaken by the Greek Online School Greek Lessons OnLine in cooperation with the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria. For more information about the event, please contact Greek Lessons OnLine  at info@greek-lol.com.

Test Meeting

We need the participants to run a test meeting on their computer to ensure that their computers can easily access the online classes of Greek Lessons OnLine. To take the meeting test please click here.

Registration & consent form

There is no registration fee. For students aged 8-18 we need their guardians’ consent form. Download the consent form by clicking here. Please sign the consent form and send it to info@greek-lol.com.

List of requirements for applicants

Contact us

For more information about the event, please contact Greek Lessons OnLine info@greek-lol.com.

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