25th of March Celebration with the best “antivirus”

Greek Independence Day Celebration

While many schools around the world and all schools in Greece close as the new coronavirus spreads, our online school tries to bring a sense of normality to all our Greek students. Online education is the best “antivirus” and luckily Greek Lessons OnLine has years of experience as a safe online school community. 

So despite the changing situations in school communities everywhere, the School’s schedule remains unaffected. Greek schools have closed, the 25th of March celebrations and parades have been canceled in Greece, but our students are more excited than ever for our online Greek Independence Day celebration this Sunday. 

The Greek LOL students and teachers will gather this Sunday as they always do on Greek National Anniversaries to honor the glory days of 1821. Our students from all corners of the world will recite poems, sing songs, participate in projects and remember the importance of freedom that the heroes of the Greek Revolution taught us all these years ago. They will also take part in a knowledge quiz that will make sure they learn while having fun. This event will provide an ideal opportunity to meet other students from various corners of the world and connect with an important part of the Greek culture. 

What’s great with online education right now is that it is what offers our students a sense of normality and connection with other children their age within a school community that strives to offer them the best quality of Greek education while making sure they establish important bonds with Greek culture and with Greeks around the world. Χρόνια Πολλά! Ζήτω η Ελλάς!

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