200 Years of Greek Independence

greek celebration 200 years

School communities have the responsibility to remember the past in order to help build a better future. Knowing this, we often remember important Greek anniversaries in our virtual classrooms and online events. We talk about Greek history, we remember traditions from all over Greece that have survived through the years and that are still present reminders of the importance of freedom, independence and democracy. 

Every event that brings our School community together is special. This year, however, Greece is celebrating 200 years since the Greek War of Independence. So we had to organize something even more special for our wonderful little Greeks from all over the world who are the best ambassadors of Hellenism that this country could ever ask for. 

Our online celebration will of course take place as scheduled. Additionally to this, we are planning a very special event that will bring history and fun together. An event that will combine past, present and future. A surprise event that will connect and teach. A special day of fun, laughter and a lot of suspense. 

Stay tuned on our social media to see what we have been planning for our amazing little Greeks who will honor the heroes of 1821 in a very 2021 manner. 

                           200 years Greece! 200 years Greek Independence!

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